Monday, July 5, 2010

Sock It To Me . . . the packing begins

I have never been so excited to pack before! Since starting the 'Sock It To Me' campaign in November last year I have been so overwhelmed by the generosity of people. Not only friends but complete strangers. It completely restores your faith in the goodness of people and you discover that people want to help and sometimes it's only a matter of showing them how.

Putting all that aside for a moment though . . . As I gathered all of the boxes together which have been accumulating in the cupboards for months a slight feeling of dread came over me. How am I going to fit all of this, as well as my toothbrush, head torch, Cadbury Top Deck and malaria tablets, into a suitcase? And make it weigh only 30 kgs??!!

Surely the boxes have been breeding at night like Gremlins?

Luckily the pay off of working in TV finally delivers! The tough years of traveling to deserted tropical islands, eating catered food and meeting celebrities have all been worth it. Justin and Tom at Channel Nine work their magic and Emirates generously give me 60 kgs to take to Uganda. Cue - the huge sigh of relief. Might be able to take that extra Keith Urban CD after all.

Sock It To Me was so simple and Malaika Babies Home will be the proud owners of 960 pairs! Might have to be a few puppet shows in order to use up some of the extras. But the generosity didn't stop there. Through the post I got boxes of jumpsuits, hats, shoes, bibs. All adorable and all very much needed.

Early Birds, especially for newborns and premmie babies - perfect for Malaika

Which baby doesn't look cute in a knitted hat?

Colourful and bright, best way for socks to be!

The women in New Zealand have been knitting up a storm! Thanks to Tracey at
Cosy Toes NZ for organising the weekly delivery of knit wear

This tiny outfit is for a baby weighing as little as 0.8 kgs. Hopefully these won't
have to be pulled out of the drawers too often for any of the bubs

So 500 socks and one vacuum cleaner later one suitcase is packed and secured. My flat mate Phil has been warned that an attempt to open it may cause injury. Every inch of space has been filled with a shoe, sock or hat and my infamous prowess in packing has been put to the test this time. Only two more bags to go. Maybe one more Garth Brooks CD wouldn't go astray. Babies like country music right?

A HUGE thank you to all that donated as well as everyone who has been so supportive of my choice to go over to Uganda. I can't tell you how much it means to me as well as the beautiful babies who I will get to meet in less than 2 weeks time.

Be prepared for some touching, funny and inspiring stories over the next 3 months. Can't wait for the adventure!

Bec xx