Monday, November 29, 2010

Sell, Sell, Sell!

While I was still in Uganda I knew when I got home that I wanted to still support Lucy and Child's i Foundation in some way. After a trip to the local markets in Kampala the answer was evident. A popular souvenir are the paper necklaces and bracelets made by the local women. The beads are made by rolling strips of paper then they are lacquered and threaded. And selling these back home in Oz benefits everyone! People get to support an amazing charity with their purchase and in turn it is supporting the local women in Kampala, giving them much needed income.

So after lugging 100+ necklaces and bracelets home to Sydney and contacting various markets to donate a free stall, the sun shone brightly last weekend for the first market day in Balmain. Thanks must go to Kevin at Balmain Markets for his generosity and help on the day.

After 20 different layouts Sally and I are finally happy with the table!

Being a seasoned stallholder herself, Sally took on the challenge with me. Necklaces, check. Comfortable chairs, check. Cute photos of babies, check.

Info on Malaika House

Tactic - get people to stop with photos of cute babies

We had been given a great possie in the market, just near the gate and under the shade. And our fellow marketeers were very welcoming. Bob, the one-man welcoming committee for that area was quick to point out the redeeming features of the market such as the proximity of the toilets which also have soap and the atmosphere created by his boombox playing 2CH.

So with the The Carpenters belting out and being supplied with endless cashews from the nut man opposite, we settled into our chairs ready to battle the crowds of yummy mummies.

Waiting, waiting, waiting . . . was not looking too promising. The regulars reassured us it was a quiet day and not to worry, people would come. Then our first sale! Granted, it was a friend but money is money in charity!!

First sale - thanks to Andrew, Laki and cute Louis Pierre!

And my lovely friends kept popping by to support us. Thanks to all of you, really means a lot.

Money exchanging hands - Steve and Sal

My sister Tina and I modeling the merchandise

As people stumbled out of bed after Friday night drinks, it started getting busier and it was so great to be able to talk to people about the charity. It always surprises me how many people have some kind of connection to Africa, whether it's a sponsor child, a trip they had taken or just a general interest. Before we knew it, 4 o'clock came around and it was time to pack up and tally up the takings. Amazingly we had made over $300 for the day and that was a quiet day. Can't wait to be there on a busy day - bring on January and the new stock from Uganda!

PS - Thanks to Sally and Phil for all their help, couldn't have done it without you both xx