Monday, August 30, 2010

First Steps

Babies have so many milestones and I have been lucky to be here when two of little guys have taken their first steps.  

We had been waiting a while for our first little man, encouraging him constantly but he wasn't quite getting there.  On her first night in Kampala Laura (one of our volunteer carers) vowed that if she had one mission during her time it would be to make him walk.  Of course we were all supportive but in the back of our minds very skeptical.   As luck would have it he decided to walk on her first shift (insert jealously and a dash of guilt at being so cynical!)

Laura, feeling very proud of herself

Can't stop him now!

And last week another success!  This little one was constantly pushing the car around at breakneck speeds so it was only a matter of time.  See his first steps in the video below:

I have been trying to promote the fact to the babies that Bec is probably the easiest name to say, only one syllable and they have mastered the B already.  As simple as that . . . I will keep practicing! 

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