Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picnic Time!

One beautiful sunny day we decided that the older boys needed a day out! So we bundled them all up with some of our Malaika carers, grabbed the bags with everything needed for 5 babies (thanks to Jo who knew what to pack!) and we set off for the day.

Despite a quick stop along the way to deal with some car sickness (car was cleaned up in record speed!) we arrived at one of the gardens of a local hotel.

Anyone for football? Mmm, do you think we
need to be able to walk before we can kick?

Is there a time when you don't have a camera?

Happy to be here? You bet!

Before heading out I had visions of screaming children, fighting over toys, refusing to eat lunch and hiding in the bushes so we couldn't find them. Basically a picnic like you would go to at home that had children at it! But the boys were brilliant and so well behaved. No crying, no whinging, playing nicely with each other, gave us no problems whatsoever. We were all very proud of them, our little guys from Malaika!

Picnics can be make you very thirsty

Snack time!

Tired now, ready to go home for my nap!

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