Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Max - The Best Taxi Driver Ever

Put aside all of your stereotypes of taxi drivers and meet Max!

Whether the trip is short, long, bumpy or at 4am in the morning, Max will always greet you with a massive smile and a "Hi baby, what's up?".

But beware . . . his van is fitted with numerous sub-woofers which will vibrate you to your core and speakers which tell your neighbours in a 3 kilometre radius that you have arrived home.

"That's how we roll baby"- Max, 2010

With all of this elaborate equipment you would be expecting some hard core music. Well, you would not be disappointed. Among the favourites in the Max-Mobile are 'Eye of The Tiger', 'Karma Chameleon' and no trip would be complete without the infamous 'Breathless' by The Corrs.

The Party Van

But upon entering the van we would all be quivering in anticipation as to whether we would be lucky enough to hear the signature tune of the Max-Mobile. Sure enough the blonde and shoulder-padded Bonnie Tyler would be appear on the screen, gazing out of the window . . .

Turn around . . . Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round . . .

Screams follow the opening lyrics but then it's down to business. Max takes the lead vocal with us girls (and Ian singing in his falsetto) singing backup. With the sub-woofers pounding and Max swerving in and out of traffic we are home in no time.

The gang with Maxy

Max is also a qualified hairdresser but we think he should stick to carting us around. Max, we salute you for your pro-active driving, your singing ability and persistence to find a wife. In your own words "Enjoy Life"!

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