Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Should We Do Today?

The babies at Malaika are very busy! Each day is filled with fun and activities to entertain and teach the little ones. Below are some of the most popular past-times!

Of course, the first one has to be milk! It's nice and quiet when they all have their bottles and are slowly drifting off to sleep.

The dinner line-up

A great little helper

Adorable little faces

Bounce, bounce, bounce!! The Jolly Jumpers get a workout as the babies get airborne, a great way to get the legs going for the babies who are just about to walk.

Just hanging!

Look at those faces, very proud of themselves!

The kids love their arts and craft but it can get very messy!

Two best friends colouring in together

Mmm, not quite sure about the finger painting!

Clearly impressed by the play doh

Making play doh jewelery

Being little boys, sport is always great fun. Whether it's football, dancing or swimming, they love it all.

One, two, three . . . catch!

Are you sure I have the right size?

First time in a big pool, loving it!

Which child doesn't love bubbles? The first time the bubbles came out, all we heard all day was little voices continually saying baubles or babbles!

Thanks to generous supporters and volunteers, the children have lots of toys to play with. As always, the most popular ones get used a lot more!

Oh no, what do you mean there are no more bubbles?

As Child's i updates its supporters regularly, this means that the camera comes out quite often in the babies home. And the kids love nothing more than looking at the photos of themselves, giggling hysterically at each photo, recognising the ones of themselves and flicking past the ones of other kids!!

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