Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies!

I knew the babies would be cute but I think we may have the cutest babies and they are all at Malaika! Even the tiny ones, they each have their own personality that shines through and they are the most happy and content children. Working in the office for most of the day I would need to see the bubs a few times a day and it would always reinforce why I was there.

The bedroom for the tiny bubs

Nap time for babies is quiet time for the carers!

A cheeky smile, a dance to Disney music, putting them to bed, reading a book, nothing will replace those moments. They all have a way of making you forget everything that is wrong with the world and make you think what you can do to make things right. They have already been through so much in their young lives, things that are unimaginable and it makes the things you worry about at home seem quite frivolous.

Two of the older boys having a great time with their new car (it's also one of their favourite words!):

The babies at Malaika will always be the inspiration behind everything I do for Child's i, if you're ever in Kampala make sure you stop by to see the amazing work being done to prevent baby abandonment in Uganda.

Below are some of my favourite photos from my time at Malaika (credit to Barbara Graham for some of the beautiful shots):

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