Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My blogs tend to be light-hearted and I like to think humourous! But there is a serious side to what we are doing here and every day life is a struggle for a lot of Ugandans.

My colleague has an amazing blog ( and I wanted to share some of her recent blog:

One's sense of achievement / contentment in life is almost always dependent upon who we are comparing ourselves to. In London, or NY or anywhere else I can think of, there will always be people significantly richer, handsomer, cleverer or [...insert appropriate adjective worthy of jealousy here...] in close proximity. Most cities are segregated such that the people that empty the dustbins, provide the postal service, hawk the Evening Standard, are rarely living in areas where they would rub shoulders with the doctors and politicians and lawyers.

Here, I have to spend hours of my time engaged in mindless time-consuming tasks just to get around, but I don't have to fetch water every day and I don't have to sleep on a concrete floor. I know that I will have enough food to eat in the evenings, that my house won't be flooded every time it rains and that if my one item of clothing isn't dry, I will have something else to wear. I therefore spend every day feeling lucky, because I am so much better off than the people in my proximity. And while I can't help or befriend all of them, Child's i Foundation significantly makes a positive impact in so many ways. It's nice to be a part of that.

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